You're Doing Okay.

On December 31, 2019, I lay on my bed after 1 a.m. I had just come from a club downtown with my sister where we celebrated her birthday and brought in the new year with plenty of dancing under the stars. The club had no roof, which was awesome.

As I lay in my bed in my black romper and high heels, I wrote my resolution in my journal. My resolution wasn't to eat fewer calories or write a business plan. Nope. My new year's resolution was simply to improve my personal development.

I felt the entire year of 2019 I had inwardly pointed the finger at everyone else for my failures and mistakes. I couldn't understand why things weren't going right in my life. I had disconnected from people I cared about, made poor decisions, and had an attitude about 364 days of that year.

So, I decided on that night, I didn't want to do that anymore. I didn't want to criticize, blame, or deny anymore. I wanted to be true to myself. I decided that if I wanted things to improve in my life, I had to start with improving myself.

I started to research ways to improve my personal development. I read countless blogs by Mark Manson, Marie Forleo, and Penelope Frank. These blogs provided helpful insight but didn't exactly make me Mother Teresa. It's August and honestly, I still feel as though I haven't improved at all!

So, how do you measure your success with personal development? I've come to realize that personal growth is continuous. There's no rule book. The fact that you are willing to grow is growth itself.

Now, I give myself grace. I give myself that space to grow. I recognize my failures and mistakes, but I accept them and move forward. I encourage you to do the same. You're doing okay. Allow yourself grace, take steps toward personal growth by realizing that you're perfectly imperfect.

What are your thoughts on personal growth? Leave a comment.

With love,


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