Unrequited Love

So many times throughout adolescence, I wrote about, talked about, or cried about boys. As a female, I'm sure you can relate. We really struggle with understanding how and why we fall for someone and it often ends in heartbreak. Why does it feel so real, but it's not? How can one person feel one way and the other person not share that feeling when they have the same experiences? What does it all mean? Well, I can tell you, I'm a grown woman and I still haven't figured it out. I've read so many psychological books, listened to women talk about it, and experienced it. Still have no clue. I will say that I believe each relationship prepares you for the next. Romantic relationships teach us about ourselves and hopefully, give us the knowledge to avoid the same outcome in the next relationship. For example, if you've been through a traumatizing relationship, you acknowledge those red flags with the next person you meet. Hopefully. Sometimes we keep ignoring the red flags with everyone we meet, repeatedly. I can admit that I've knocked my head on the wall multiple times even though I knew it hurt.

Of course, no two persons are the same. So, we shouldn't judge one man's actions or in-actions on another man from our past. However, it is a certain criterion we should have when it comes to our relationships. We should know what we'll accept and what we won't no matter our weak spots(because we all have those). I have started to realize that each person has a significant role in my life, even if they are no longer in it. Each person who has ever "broken my heart" which led to me sitting on my couch crying my eyes out with a pint of ice cream while my cat stares at me blankly, has benefited me greatly. For that reason, I'm grateful to them. Of course, at the time, I wanted to slash their tires and use their face as a human punching bag. But, I digress. We grow so much when we are taught lessons from others good and bad. So, now, as a woman, I cherish living in the moment of that relationship instead of fearing for the worst. Try not to stress out about what you can't control. Understand you can never control how someone else feels or behaves. You can control how you react and how to manage your emotions. What are your thoughts?

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