Practicing Self-Love

Is it difficult to love you? Confession: The other day I looked in the mirror after washing my face and immediately, I started to think negative things about my appearance.

I have a big nose...

I wish my hair was longer...

I wish my shoulders weren't so square...

Have you ever done this? I thought the older you become these thoughts would fade away. I thought you would start to love yourself and recognize your worth. Then, as I became older, I thought maybe a man would magically make me love myself through his admiration of me.

I was wrong.

This is sadly not the case. Unfortunately, the only one who demonstrates self-love is self. It doesn't come through anyone else. We've heard it before. Women are always holding themselves up to this standard of appearance and self-worth because of pressure from society. We are all held to this standard of beauty, behavior, and self-worth. We've been conditioned.

I'm no psychologist, but I think the best way to practice self-love is by practicing self-love. It's impossible to just think you can write down a couple of quotes, stick them on your wall and say them every day and suddenly change your way of thinking. Practicing self-love means changing the way you think. It's all in the mind.

Recently, I started a mental challenge. Every time I thought something negative about my appearance, I would also think of two positive things.

For example, if I thought...

I hate my big nose. I would also think...

I love my eyes. I love my ears.

This takes work, of course. We don't naturally think of positive thoughts about our appearance. But, I believe that if you can train your mind to think positively, it will eventually change your perspective. What are your thoughts? Do you struggle with self-love? What is your self-love practice?

With love,


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