Internal Joy

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast called, Truth Be Told. In the podcast, the host interviews women such as her grandmother, asking how we hold on to joy despite these unprecedented and devastating times. The interviewees respond by telling what gives them joy is inner peace, God, and self-love. I listened and relistened to the podcast several times smiling and laughing. It felt so good to hear positive women speak about what makes them empowered, joyful, and fulfilled. I've been in this state of mind lately where it seems impossible to be joyful right now. I became so overwhelmed with the unemployment losses, racial injustice, Coronavirus, and political scandals that I forgot to do a self-check. Am I giving myself love? Am I showing love to others? Am I joyful? It's so difficult to imagine having joy right now. It felt so strange to smile while listening to that podcast as I drove in my car. But, it's okay. Joy is something the world can never take away. It's a sense of inner peace. I try now, to replace a negative thought with a positive one. When I'm angry or sad, I just try to think differently about the situation. Although my first emotion or thought is negative, I try to react positively. I want to have joy in my life. I want to reflect joy on the lives of others. How do you do this? Well, I can say it takes time. Having internal joy is a process that happens over time. I hope today you are reflecting joy and love with those around you. Remember, this is something no one can take from you.

Listen to Truth Be Told:

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