Emotional Rollercoster

Have you ever been told you're too emotional? I'm sure you have. If you haven't it's probably because you have learned to conceal your emotions at an early age. In my opinion, all women are emotional. Some can manage their emotions better than others. Emotions can be tricky. They can make you feel like your either doomed or like your on top of a mountain. I can experience several emotions throughout the day. I have never learned to control my emotions. I base situations in life on how I feel. I feel as if she hates me. I feel as if they love me. I feel like I'm not good enough. The list goes on. I have always been a person to base circumstances on emotion. This could be in part because I am a Scorpio.

It's mostly because I am a Scorpio, FEMALE. Women are emotional creatures. This is not a bad thing. Emotions are beautiful. They reveal our true selves. They make us vulnerable. We can't hid behind a mask once our emotions have surfaced. I do believe managing emotions is important. I've read self-help books in the past, listened to various viewpoints and tried so hard to learn how to manage my emotions. What I've learned is, it takes practice. Lots of practice. One thing I do notice is how overly emotional I can be. I try to control it, but it's so difficult! I've learned that my emotions are on the extreme side of the spectrum. I'm either VERY happy or VERY upset. I try to be chill, but that's not an option. Especially, when it comes to relationships. In particular, men can make me emotional. I attempt to understand them. I constantly fail. Because I fail, I blame myself. Then comes MORE emotion. I don't think that emotions are negative. There is a stigma that an emotional female is a crazy one. This is simply untrue. Emotions are positive indicators that we are in tune with ourselves and others. So, I encourage you to share and reveal your emotions. Learn to manage your emotions so you can better understand them. Your emotions are valid. Take ownership of the most vulnerable parts of yourself and find someone or a group of people you can take off the mask in front of. What are your thoughts on emotion? Do you think you manage your emotions effectively? Comment below :)

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