Are you on a timeline?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I've really been feeling so much anxiety lately. Of course, so many people are experiencing this because of current events that the world is facing. I haven't been able to write because every time I start to write, I feel as if nothing I write matters. I think we as women often feel the burden of those we love or care about. Naturally, we worry about things in our own life and our surroundings.

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about the future. I think we become so fearful of the future because there are often many question marks which make it unsolvable. The key is to find peace with knowing there is no formula. There's no key. There's no map. In fact, the only indicators we have of life's trajectory is time. Be present in the moment. Where are you right now? How are you feeling? What are the sounds you hear? Feel your heart beat's rhythm. Be present. Understand, you can't plan the future. You can't. No matter how many times you write down a plan. Understand that the future is unwritten and unplanned. Your destiny is tied to your experiences, good and bad. I believe that our experiences are the foundation of our lifeline. Our experiences teach us and force us to live, grow and learn. It's taken me a lot of time to understand the difference between a lifeline and a timeline. Now, I try not to think of my life as a timeline. It has taken many disappointments,

misunderstandings and awakenings to make me realize this. Time is infinite and everyone experiences this fluid, consistent, always changing lifeline. You don't have to start at point A to get to point B. In fact, you can skip A,B and C altogether and jump to F. It's possible. Our experiences make it possible. What are your thoughts on this topic? Let's discuss.

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